27 March 2013

MrLens Affiliate Program



我没有近视不过前些日子也学别人戴起有色隐性眼镜来,女生总是爱美的嘛(或许有一点爱自讨苦吃 :P)。戴隐形眼镜最重要的就是品质啊,眼睛可是灵魂之窗有什么三长两短就不好了。不知道大家有没有听过网上一个满广为人知的隐形眼镜品牌--MrLens;女生除了爱漂亮,还爱好康啊 哈哈 MrLens现在在办着Affiliate Program,只要参与成为Affiliate Partner除了可以得到2盒價值RM180的隱形眼鏡,日后还可以赚取广告费用!


MrLens was setup in 2002 and is a dynamic company dedicated to providing you the highest quality service and the same brand name contact lenses that your doctor or eye specialist recommends from around the world. Today, we are proud to be the largest online contact lens reseller in Switzerland and major parts of Europe, going global and we are now available in Asia too!

然后就是关于Affiliate program的一些简介:

By becoming an affiliate partner with MrsLens you can start earning $$ via your website, blog or email. Your readers will click the banners which directs them to MrLens.com.my. If they like what they see and make a purchase, you get up to 10% reimbursement of advertising costs! Everything else will be handle by MrLens and you can check your affiliate account to see how much you have earned. For more information click MrLens Affiliate Information.

填SWIFT code的时候可以click一下旁边的Find a SWIFT code然后找你注册银行的的分行和copy那个code。
Submit后就注册成功啦! 很简单对不对
按了以后就会看到上面这个画面,选择你要的banner然后copy banner下面的code和paste在你的部落格就搞定了。MrLens的banner和link就在我部落格的右边,想要更了解MrLens的可以去看看 ;)

如果你完成注册和post了banner并在blog分享以后记得到这里Log in to enter this giveaway;不要忘了这个步骤,不然他们就不知道你参加了这个program。

有兴趣吗? 看看terms and conditions:
1. This contest is open to any bloggers in Malaysia only from today until 31/3/2013.
2. Become a MrLens affiliate just by registering at www.mrlens.com.my. Please read the terms & conditions to ensure you're well aware of how it works.
3. If you blog about the affiliate program you get a welcome gift from MrLens (2 Boxes of Freshlook Colorblends worth RM180, any color/power based on availability). Please ensure your affiliate banner stays min. 1 month to qualify! (anti-cheat security).
4. Welcome Gift code be emailed to you in after campaign ends, so you can go to MrLens to redeem your preferred Freshlook Colorblends contact lenses. Free shipping for those staying in the Klang Valley. Outstation needs to pay for posting RM6 - RM10. Please check shipping rates at http://www.mrlens.com.my/en/shipping.php. No refunds or exchanges for this campaign.
5. BONUS! everyone who participates will be in the camera lucky draw to win a Nikon Coolpix 300 worth RM1.2k

只要成为他们的affiliate partner,除了可以得到两个总值RM180的Freshlook Colorblends,还有机会的到一份大奖--价值RM1200的Nikon Cookpix 300;截止日期是这个月的31日,有兴趣就要趁快!

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